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A moving house checklist to make your move easy

If you’re moving to a different location for the first time, you might find it difficult to manage everything on your own. Don’t worry, as help is just one call away. Speak with our team of experts at Pete Holbrook Removals for friendly and unbiased advice on relocation. We serve customers across the Isle of Wight. Have a look at our fleet of vehicles. For a free quote, you can contact us today.

Before the move

  • Create a list of everyone you'll need to notify of your new address
  • Collect re-useable boxes and packing materials early
  • Use the opportunity to get rid of things you no longer use

Packing tips

  • Start packing in advance, consider packing a box a day
  • Always label clearly, making it easier to unpack
  • Don't pack boxes too full making them cumbersome
  • Tape the bottom of the boxes for added strength
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Moving with children

  • Get them involved. The more they can help, the better they'll feel about moving
  • Take them to local parks in the new location so that they can become familiar with their new home
  • Pack an essentials bag for kids with their favourite toys, snacks etc.
  • Ask friends or family to mind them whilst moving
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Moving with pets

  • Update your pet's microchip details
  • Keep pet essentials handy for the move
  • Avoid bringing your pet into the house until unpacking is completed
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On the move day

  • Keep necessities like toiletries, medicine and your wallet handy
  • Pack a light lunch and drink
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After the move

  • Try alternative driving routes to and from your house
  • Investigate your local transport options
  • Cut keys and give a spare set to someone you trust
  • Visit local restaurants for take-away menus
Dear Pete Holbrook, family and crew

There can't be many people who have to do two separate moves just one week apart. On 17th July we moved my 89 year old mother (who had had a heart attack two weeks prior to the move) from the mainland to Ryde and on the 24th of July, my husband and I also moved from Farnham to Ryde.

I was so worried about the moves, we had been in our house for 28 years and had accumulated a lot of stuff, I had to nurse my mother and pack my house up in the morning and move on to packing hers up in the afternoon. It was quite a walk from my mother’s front door to the available parking area and I thought this might be a problem for the men. I was worried that my stuff wouldn't fit in the truck, frankly, I was so stressed I was worried about everything!

On my mother’s moving day I was up at 4.00am worried sick, I paced the house. At 7.45am, precisely on stated time, the crew arrived and within half an hour all my worries had gone. They were helpful, happy, and professional, they cleared the house efficiently, nothing was a problem or too much trouble, Harry even helped my son empty the dust bag of the hoover into a bin bag.

One week on and it was our move. I worried no more, I knew what a fabulous team would be with us every step of the way, and as before the smart uniformed crew arrived spot on time and made everything go flawlessly.

So I just want to say a big thank you to you all. I'm telling everyone how wonderful you were.

If anyone wants a personal recommendation just give them my details and they can talk to me. Oh, and as a footnote, not one broken or damaged item in two moves.

Well done chaps!

Thank you

Pauline Hall

If you’re looking for moving advice, you can call Pete Holbrook Removals on the Isle of Wight on

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